Biodegradable Plastic Garbage, Compactor & Pet Bags

B Green will be offering degradable \ biodegradable bags ASTM 5338 Standard, containing the new cutting edge technology Renatura™.

A plastic bag containing Renatura™ disintegrating over a five month period

Renatura Day 15

Day 15

Renatura Day 33

Day 33

Renatura Day 80

Day 80

Renatura Day 110

 Day 110

Renatura Day 150

 Day 150

Renatura Day 200

Day 200


Plastic films containing Renatura™ pass the following degradation testing methods and standards:

  • ASTM Standard Guide for Exposing and Testing Plastics that Degrade in the Environment by a Combination of Oxidation and Biodegradation
  • ASTM D5338 Standard Test Method for Determining Aerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials Under Controlled Composting Conditions
  • ISO 14852:1999 Standard test method Determination of the ultimate aerobic biodegradability of plastic materials in an aqueous medium -- Method by analysis of evolved carbon dioxide

B Green introduces environmentally safe Plastic Bags containing Renatura™, these plastics comply with FDA food contact regulations, and meet degradable \ bio-degradable ASTM Standards D6954-04 (2004) and the bio-degradable standard for ASTM 5338. Plastic packaging products containing Renatura™ will:

  1. degrade and biodegrade into Co2, H2O and compost (bio-waste) in the presence of oxygen

  2. disintegrate to reduce unsightly plastic littered that pollutes landscapes and waterways and harms wildlife, and in landfills plastic containing Renatura™ disappears expanding the landfill usage and life span

  3. fragment, allowing organic matter enclosed to be consumed by anaerobic bacteria. (Organic material entombed in plastic without oxygen is attacked by anaerobic bacteria which creates methane gases that leach into the atmosphere. Methane gas emissions are a GHG Green House Gas that is known to be 23 to 26 times more damaging to our planet's atmosphere than Co2).



RenaturaTM fulfils the ecological criteria ... consequently it is suitable to be involved in the application dossier required for awarding the Hugarian environmentally sound products certification. Hungarian Eco-Labelling Organisation


We accept plastics containing Renatura for recycling. We have processed recycled plastic resins containing up to 80 % RenaturaTM and found results comparable with standard plastic resins. No alteration in processing required. AS, Norway.

It is both scientific and practically proved that, when adding master batches in polymers, it will at least require 2 % mixture of the final blending in order to achieve sufficient dispersion both in dosage equipments, extruders and final products. If less that 2 % master batch is added you will experience quality variations in the final products.
Unicolor AB, Sweden.

Plastics containing Renatura leave a green environment.

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