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VibeAway™ pads are specially designed washing machine anti-vibration pads for washing machines and dryers. The 100% crumb rubber pad, made from recycled tires, is designed to reduce the transfer of vibration that occurs in most typical washing and drying cycles. It is a shock absorption pad that is used to reduce sound, vibrations, and pulsating of washing machines, dryers, table saws, freezers and other large appliances. Our VibeAway™ pads prevent washing machines from "walking," and help prolong the life of your washing machine, dryer or other appliance. They also reduce the need to reinforce upper level floors to reduce vibration and noise. The pads have a full refund guarantee.

  • Reduces the transfer of vibration
  • Prevents washing machines from " walking"
  • Protect floors
  • Made from 100% recycled tire rubber, address important environmental concerns
  • Recessed for easy guidance for foot of washing machine/dryer
  • 30 day money back guarantee

VibeAway™ pads, made from 100% recycled tire rubber, address important environmental concerns and problems facing the planet today.




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The EcoPod™ is made from recycled tire rubber. It is a shock absorption pad that is used to reduce sound, vibrations, and pulsating of heavy equipment.

Competitive Advantages

  • Simple to install, done within minutes
  • Reduces costly repairs caused by wear and tear
  • Savings realized through improved efficiency
  • Motors require less maintenance with extended engine life, further enhancing the value
  • Delivers both emissions reduction and improved fuel economy



Ice Pack Sack

Tired of fumbling with ice cube trays?

Or using a dish towel to cover your gel pack and still not having the right temperature?

The Ice Pack Sack is the perfect solution!

The Ice Pack Sack is specifically designed to provide a simple, comfortable, and effective method for applying Hot and Cold Therapy.  Hot and Cold Therapy is recognized medical treatment for everyday minor injuries.  It provides relief from sprains, strains and common muscle pain.

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Sock Pocket Organizer

Sock Pocket Organizer

  • The mesh bag has 9 individual pockets with zippers
  • Just place the paired socks in a pouch, wash, dry and return them to dresser drawers
  • Works with any size sock
  • Also great for bras and panties

Lessen the stress of laundry with the Sock Pocket Organizer!

The Sock Pocket Organizer holds paired socks in place through the washing-machine and dryer cycles

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