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Sue, IL
I would like to thank you for the Vibeaway pads. After purchasing a new front loading washer and dryer I was looking for a product that would eliminate or reduce the vibrations and noise. I found Vibeaway through an internet search engine and contacted the company. They were more than accommodating and the product works great. Not only helping to eliminate the shaking, but also greatly reduces the noise made by these powerful machines.

Mike, NJ
I purchased these pads after I was just sick of hearing the washing machine and thinking that it was just going to rumble right through the floor. These pads are just terrific! You hardly hear a thing and the floor and house don't vibrate anymore.

Mark, NJ
Great product! The pads have greatly reduced the vibration of our washer and reduced the noise too. The washer doesn't walk around anymore.

Diane, USA
I have a front loader washer that shakes half the house during the spin cycle. I knew there would be a vibration issue during the Spin Cycle but did not expect to feel it. Before the anti-vibration pads, I was really concerned that the floor would shake apart. I was amazed by the substantial decrease in vibrations when I installed the VibeAway pads. I can't feel any floor vibrations from the machine.

Dan, MD
The VibeAway's are great. They have greatly reduced the shaking we could feel on the whole floor. I looked around at several different types before I purchased these. I have no doubt these were the best in quality and price.

John, USA
Just as described installation was a breeze and there has been a noticeable decrease in the vibration and noise from my washer. It's simple, easy and their small size keeps them hidden out of sight
Lisa, USA
I'm amazed how well they worked. They exceeded my expectations and I would recommend these to anyone with a vibration problem.
Mary, USA
We were having a real problem with our washing machine "walking" and in general being very noisy. It stopped all walking and cut the noise in half.
Albert, USA
This is just what I was looking for and it works just as described. Installation was a breeze and there has been a noticeable decrease in the vibration and noise from my washer. It's simple, easy and their small size keeps them hidden and out of sight.
Kandra, USA
It really works!
Herb, USA
I had become accustomed to a certain level of noise and vibration so that on my first load after installing VibeAway, and leveling the washer again, I had to keep checking to see if it was still on.
Kal, USA
Thank you so very much for this product, the "EXTREME" walking problem for my front loading washer. I worked to resolve this issue for over 1 year until I found you on the web.
Lilly, USA
I got the product and to my surprise and it works!
Mike, USA
Jane, USA
The VibeAway pads far exceeded my expectations.

Chuck, USA
When I move, my VibeAways are coming with me!


Tom, USA 

I'm loving the difference with the VideAway pads under my Equator washer/dryer combo.  If you'd like a long, long client testimonial, I could write a book!

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