Advantages and disadvantages of using makeup

What is makeup? Makeup can be defined to be a form of expression. It is the way that woman portray themselves with their beauty. They do take their time when it comes to makeup. We also have famous male celebrities like Jeffrey star who is a homosexual, but he is flawless when it comes to his makeup. A woman even follows his makeup tutorials. He also follows all the EU cosmetics legislation rules and he reviews makeup products on his youtube channels, and companies pay him millions for doing so. Makeup is a part of a women (and men) day to day life mainly because it just removes there insecurity and makes them a lot more confident. With the above mentioned being clear, here are some advantages and disadvantages of using makeup


  1. It will make you much more presentable when it comes to professional work or casual outings

When you feel you are confident, it will ooze out onto everything that you do. This itself will make a good impression on those that you work it and will give your managers a good eye for the work you do. And putting on makeup sure does do that. It will make you feel confident and amazing, and this would help a woman and men out very well

  1. It is an art

Putting on makeup is not a simple task. It takes time and effort. In the end, you would become more creative with the way you do things.  Woman and men like to experiment with it, and their helping hands would get more creative over time.

  1. Worried about not looking good in pictures? Think again

We all get so upset when we are the only one who isn’t looking good in a group picture. Well with all the makeup kits available in the world, now you will look flawless!


  1. Habits die hard

When you wear makeup, and you are satisfied with it, you would want to put them on again, and again, and again and whenever you go out guess what? You will put makeup on. It will be so hard for you to do not do so. You would regret so hard if someone who is used only to wear makeup catches you and goes like” why do you look so tired?” it’s the worst, and it ‘ll be the hardest thing for you to do

  1. Time time time

You thought that you would have makeup professionals to do your makeup for you like Jefferey star and Kendal Jenner? Think again. It takes time, and boy do I mean lots of it

  1. Easy to put on, not easy to remove

You thought putting makeup on was the hard part? Try removing it. And feel the pain of stripping all that glorious beauty from your face to reveal the ugly. Just kidding. It will be difficult though. So think carefully before you go all out on your makeup before going out into the night