How Is Puma Making A Name For Itself By Laying Stress On Green Packaging Methods?

Organizational policies and procedures are critical for an organization as the employees need to follow these policies and procedures. Every team needs to construct its policies and procedures correctly. Plans can be made up by environment, health, quality of performance of the employees, data protection, and employee related policies. In recent years, the notion of going green in packaging methods have garnered utmost importance as it helps to improve the image of the company. In this context, it is important to mention the brand PUMA. For a considerable period, PUMA is laying emphasis on greener ways to pack their items. Here in this write-up, a detailed review of PUMA has been given on the ways it practices green methods of packing its products.

PUMA is a major multinational company that has its headquarters in Germany. It manufactures and designs casual and athletic footwear. The company was founded in the year 1924.It is interesting to note that for over 65 years PUMA is involved with the production of the most innovative sports products. As a result of which PUMA is the most preferred sports brand among the athletes and sportsperson. Moreover, PUMA distributes its goods and products in more than 120 countries. In addition to that, it employs 11,000 people worldwide.

PUMA has received grade A that depict the brand is on its way forward to sustainability. It is worthwhile to note that PUMA leads the sector of sportswear brand. It actively implements various kinds of sustainability policies that depict its growing interests in reducing carbon emissions. PUMA has various measures in place to reduce greenhouse effect by laying stress on greener ways of packing the finished goods. It also actively implements energy efficiency steps and utilizes rich sources of renewable energy. PUMA has signed an agreement called the Greenpeace Zero-Discharge Commitment that enables it to eliminate the hazardous chemicals from its production plants as well as it allows him to pack its items using green packaging methods.

PUMA designs a wide variety of sports products that ranges from football to footwear and athletic wear. PUMA has entered into the collaboration with the renowned design brands that include Alexander McQueen. The brand ambassadors of PUMA include the likes of Rihanna and Usain Bolt. It is interesting to note that PUMA’s sustainability remains a key value of their brand. The values of PUMA revolve around the aspects of economic, social and sustainable developments. The mission of PUMA is to be the fastest sports brand in the world. Hence, it is important for them to follow the values of sustainability.

PUMA works by the deal it signed with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Through this deal, it tries to enhance its transparency as well as working and social conditions in its supply chain. It does so by advising the management of its factories regarding the loopholes in their operations.

The greener mode of packaging enables PUMA to make amends in an independent manner. It is interesting to note that PUMA actively engages in strengthening its supply chain so that the system remains transparent. It has implemented eco-friendly packaging system.