Tips for re-designing your kitchen

The kitchen is like the heart of a home which affects the beauty of the whole house. If the kitchen is beautiful the house will be good looking too.

A good effort and planning are required for the best kitchen design which will not only look great but also will make it easy to work in there.

If you have designed your kitchen in a way that it is difficult to work inside or it doesn’t look good, then you must re-design the kitchen. Here are some really cool tips that you can use while designing your kitchen.

Remove Wasted Steps

You need to focus on the extra steps first, which are occupying the more space in the kitchen due to the bad organization of utensils.

You want to place similar items at one spot so that you could easily access it even in no light condition. Also, it makes things clearer in the room and makes them more user-friendly.

You should put the breakfast bowls and food close to the breakfast table so it will be easier for you to reach them whenever you want to use.

Walkways Design

Walkways should be designed wide and it should provide you a nice wide path throughout the kitchen. In this way, you can make your mobility efficient in the kitchen. Basins should be well located inside the kitchen.

There are beautiful countertop basins available in the market that can make your kitchen look great.

Make room for storage

Many people do not provide a lot of storage in the kitchen while redesigning and this becomes a headache later when you have no space to put the stuff in. This is the common mistake of many people.


Create as much space as you can for putting stuff because it’s never enough. You can utilize the space above the shelves below the roof for putting large stuff there.

Re-Design the Kitchen with proper Light Angle

You will be thinking, what’s the proper light angle? Well, it’s the angle of the light entering to your kitchen.


You need to take good care of light angle while redesigning because you don’t want to make such mistakes which will cause you issues later.

Light from the behind will make a shadow and you will not be able to see the things clearly. Light from the front is good as long as it doesn’t affect your eyes directly.

Look for Safety

Safety should be your first preference while redesigning your kitchen. You should maintain a good distance between the cooking area and kids playing area.

You shouldn’t make the surface slippery in kitchen floor because it could cause falling injuries.